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About the designer Etly Klarborg

Etly Klarborg, the designer of the Klarborg Universe.

Since the age of 4, Etly Klarborg has surrounded herself with elfs. However, it was after the birth of her oldest son, Martin, that Etly found her future source of inspiration. “One night Martin was in his pajamas tumbling around before night time. When he stood there with is little belly showing I just pictured an elf in my head”. Since then more than 300 chubby elfs have seen the light of day, each one with a name and a story reflecting a person that has impacted Etly´s life. In the countryside, just where the forest begins, you´ll find the cozy workshop of Etly Klarborg. Here, the warmth of the open fireplace and the many candles makes the Danish “Hygge” completely unavoidable. This is where the Klarborg elfs are born. Their origin is the reason why Klarborg elfs bring a sense of “Hygge” with them wherever they go. The Danish “Hygge” is about joy, being together and the love of family and friends. Klarborg elfs are exactly the essence of love, caring, joy and tradition. “Hygge” is not just a word, but it is a feeling and an atmosphere that is created together with others, and it is something you always experience every year at Christmas time. When the darkness falls outside, the family is by your side, the fire in the fireplace lights up, and the warmth fills the living room – this is when “Hygge” arises and a very special feeling of love, coziness, and happiness spreads all around.

Etly Klarborg believes, that if you follow your heart when making decisions in life, you will have the best foundation for making good choices. Klarborg elfs are created with love and they wish to remind you of the importance of following your heart in the choices you make in life.