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Klarborg Annual Elf Couple 2022 - Harald & Maren

Klarborg Annual Elf Couple 2022 - Harald & Maren

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Klarborg Annual Elf Couple 2022 - Harald & Maren

She’s super caring and always willing to help. With a heart of gold, she’s always putting everyone else before herself. She loves knitting and can get very creative with her knitting needles, knitting for both the little ones and the not-so-little ones. She feels most at peace when everything’s well-organized.

He’s warm, helpful, and hard-working and is known to get through a number of elf socks a year – you’ll never find him sitting down. He’s happiest when the entire elf family is gathered around him, and he loves making jokes and playing pranks.

Height: 5,1"

About the designer

The designer of the Klarborg Universe

Since the age of 4, Etly Klarborg has surrounded herself with elfs. However, it was after the birth of her oldest son, Martin, that Etly found her future source of inspiration. “One night Martin was in his pajamas tumbling around before night time. When he stood there with is little belly showing I just pictured a pixie in my head”. Since then more than 300 chubby elfs have seen the light of day, each one with a name and a story reflecting a person that has impacted Etly´s life.

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