Klarborg Spring Animal Babies 2021 - Ornaments

Publication year 2021
Klarborg Spring Animal Babies 2021
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In stock (5+)
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Spring and light have come. The sun is shining, the birch is leaping out and it is popping up from the ground with spring flowers. Bring the spring into your home with Klarborg. Pick beautiful spring branches and decorate with my little cute spring animal babies and enjoy their cuteness in your home! A spring greeting from Etly Klarborg.

Height: 1,1 - 1,5"

About the designer

About the designer Etly Klarborg
Artist Etly Klarborg loved elfs and their significance in Danish folklore long before she started her company in 1986. She grew up with a vibrant imagination and created her first elf at just 4 years old, crafting it from mud while playing outside. The creatures helped connect her with her own mother, a storyteller whose personality shone bright.

It is the childlike quality of the elfs that have endured for all these years. When her oldest son, Martin, was young, he would play in his pajamas, his small belly popping out. So, too, then, did Martin the elf’s midsection. 

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